Nintendo confirms that Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not receive more DLC

In an interview with the magazine Famitsu, the producer of the saga The legend of Zelda Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that the ballad of the Elect is the last downloadable content intended for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

Aonuma recently announced that it has already started work on the next installment, and with the latest expansion ending the game.

The Ballad of the Elect was released at the beginning of the month. In our impressions we commented that “The main attraction of this expansion is found in the inclusion of a new storyline closely related to the main story of the base game, thus allowing us to know new details about The four chosen, both through their diaries and new cinematographic sequences that have been added for the occasion. ”

“That does not remove that we are in front of a very interesting addition to anyone wanting more Breath of the Wild, as it offers some of the best sanctuaries of the whole game, a great final boss, interesting details that extend the main story, a new beast that Overcome and rewards of the most useful. ”

So that’s it. I guess that is the end of the line for Zelda: Breath of the Wild for 2017. But don’t worry folks! I am sure nintendo will works its magic for the year 2018 with more exciting new games to come. After all, they do need to evolve to generate more players and gamers. So when a game loses traction and gamers slowly lose interest, then they have to look for new trends to offer.

PlayStation 4 is the most sold console in November in the U.S.

According to information provided by NPD, in November PlayStation 4 has been the leading sales console, although Microsoft with Xbox One has been the most revenue-generating.

As usual, NPD does not give specific sales data for the US market, and it is the companies that share the information they want.

However, it has been suggested that in November the general gaming and hardware market has grown by 30% to 2.7 billion dollars relative to the same month last year.

The biggest growth has been in hardware, which has improved its results by 52% thanks to Nintendo Switch and the good sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

NPD has indicated that PS4 has been the most sold console, but that the most money has generated is Xbox One, in large part by the landing of Xbox One X, which is a higher price.

November 2017 has been a record month for PlayStation 4: It has been its biggest sales month in its entire history, surpassing even the launch records in November 2013.

Xbox one has had its most successful November, but it has not set an absolute record.

Since Switch was launched in March, there are no records to compare its performance with. In the case of Nintendo, the company decided not to make offers or promotions on the console on the occasion of the Black Friday.

Tiny Metal now available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC

A fusion of the classic games of strategic battles by turns with three-dimensional graphics.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan/Unties is pleased to announce that Tiny Metal is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC. Developed by AREA 35, Tiny Metal is a fusion of classic turn-based strategic battles and modern three-dimensional graphics powered by unreal Engine. Even though the game is based on the genre of shift strategy, it is full of new systems and unique turns of your favorite classics.

Go back to the Japanese Arcade war games! Tiny Metal is a shift-based strategy game of skill and tactics inspired by the Japanese arcade war games of the past (like the Advance Wars saga). It enters the aftermath of a kingdom that staggers for murder and attempts to restore order through military power. Advance with the tanks, take control of the cities, launch air strikes, expand your squadron and fight for the territory in a tactical and stylistic warfare game for new or old fans.

He plays as the lieutenant of Artemisia Nathan Gries while he commands his units against the villainous nation of Zipang. Players should carefully consider the terrain variable, positioning for attacks and defenses and strategic breakthroughs.


  • Campaign mode: Follow the exciting story of Nathan and his unit as they fight the war in a 20-hour campaign filled with unique characters from various factions.
  • Multiplayer: The online mode will be added soon to test against other players in online Games 1 against 1 or through the local game.
    Skirmish Games: Jump straight into action with dozens of skirmishers that challenge the player with fun scenarios and a wide variety of enemies.
  • Units: Takes control of 15 unique units, from basic riflemen to caƱoneros and advanced metals, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Be a witness to how your units are strengthened to the extent that you acquire experience in the field of battle.
  • Land: The different types of terrain that offer extras, rewarding players who take advantage of the forests, cities and factories scattered by the maps. Some land even gives access to new units and powerful heroes.
  • Music: The animated soundtrack of Tiny Metal has been composed by the prodigious Japanese musician Tomoki Miyoshi, whose previous works include Soul Calibur V, Steins; Gate and I am sailor.

Over all Tiny Metal is a good game and could be a good keep before 2017 ends. It would certainly be a good company for gamers like me and you during the holiday season.

So yeah, before I forget, I wanna great everyone in advance a Happy Merry Christmas!